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Decking video

Last night Kat got around to cutting together the time lapse stuff of us building the decking, and we've uploaded it to YouTube: 

The video worked out really well, however I did discover something odd whilst playing with it. Initially it was my intention to use Cinelerra to edit the video clips together on Linux. I've used Cinelerra before and it's a pretty cool piece of free software, with some amazing capabilities. However, when I took the WMV files that had been generated by the webcam software on a Windows laptop and played them on Linux they looked terrible. The quality was a mess, all kinds of blocking etc. I had to convert them all to MOV to play in Cinelerra, and at first I thought that was the problem. But even playing the source WMV files on my Linux machine looked terrible.

I guess WMV being a proprietary format there is just so much that can be done to do playback, but I was disappointed. I guess that will be a lesson in generating content in proprietary formats, I can't assume I'll be able to convert it to something sensible after the fact.

Unless there was something else causing the problem....?

Anyhow it looks ok on YouTube so that's cool