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Orbis Access - A new investment site is born

I am not a spokesperson for the company, and I should not be looked to for any kind of investment advice. I was however part of the team that brought this new site out into the world. I'm not going to write much about the business because you can read the site for that, I am however going to write a bit about my experience in being a part of the project.

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So I had to remove the safety guard...

As someone that spends a lot of time in my workshop, using tools and making things, these words echo in my memory: "Well I had to remove the safety guard to get a better angle..." Maybe my memory is unreliable, but that is how I remember my father explaining how he had caught his thumb with an angle grinder, and later a router. 

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Running - beyond 5k

Back in August I wrote about completing an NHS podcast series 'from couch to 5k',I found it to be a useful structure for getting myself into running, and up to a reasonable standard. Since then I have carried on running. This morning I completed 16km, the second time I've run this distance and I beat my first time by a few minutes.

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Using SpecFlow for WebDriver user acceptance tests - Pros and Cons

Recently in my team we have introduced the use of SpecFlow to held create business driven tests. Specifically we've been refining the way we work with acceptance criteria for some time, and have been pushing towards the Given, When, Then format.