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project, woodturning

My first woodturning commission

This week a colleague approached me to ask if I could make something for him.His house, which he's been renovating, still had an original doorbell from whenever it was built. The door bell was a round metal plate with a button in the middle, inset into a wood ring which was screwed to the wall. Time had not been kind to the wooden ring and it was a rotted mess. So the job was simple, could I make him a replacement wooden ring.

project, woodturning

Turning a burr

Burrs are very interesting bits of wood. They are odd growths that occur on the surface of tree trunks. I'm fascinated by what causes them to occur, since they are basically a mass of knots. Wikipedia on burrs Burrs typically have all sort of faults within the wood. But the wood is so dense both physically and visually in terms of grain patterns, that you can turn something quite beautiful, faults and all.